Weaver is an American company that produces Nuprep skin prep gel and Ten20 conductive gel
History review:
1978: Weaver and Company founded with one employee
1979: Introduced first product, Omniprep paste. Omniprep paste was designed to serve as a mild abrasive for skin preparation before neurodiagnostic and cardiodiagnostic testing
1990: Weaver and Company grows in size to four employees. In addition, a second product line was introduced, Ten20® Conductive Paste
1991: Introduced third product line, Nuprep® Skin Prep Gel
2008: To keep up with Ten20 jar demands, an automated assembly line was installed to provide a jar-filling station and a jar-capping station. Also, a new purified water system was installed to speed up water output into the mixing tanks
Weaver and company achieved ISO 13485 certification to provide more efficiency for the ever-growing international sales at 2010.
Behkaran is the distributor of weaver and company in IRAN.
For more information please visit: weaverandcompany.com