About tinnitool
The DisMark Company was founded in July 1995 with the function of a general importer for personal products and health products. In subsequent years more value has been placed on our own developments with worldwide marketing rights. One of these developments has been laser devices for various cosmetic as well as medical treatments. What has been remarkable about this was that every person could use these devices (even without technical knowledge).
Over the years intensive research has been conducted on treatments for tinnitus, until the first laser treatment could be carried out in November 2002. The DisMark GmbH subsidiary was founded specifically in April 2004 in order to deepen this very technical knowledge more intensively. This subsidiary concentrates exclusively on the research and development of new forms of therapy for inner ear disorders
Behkaran started working with tinnitool to present and distribute tinnitool products in IRAN. For more information please visit: tinnitool.com