Back in 1992, Auditdata was founded as a joint venture between Danavox (now GN ReSound) and Claus Bak Petersen.The company was dedicated to the development of software applications for the health sector - modules for programming digital hearing instruments and technical and administrative software systems covering all functions in a hearing clinic.
Soon Auditdata had developed the AuditBase System, which provided advanced software for hospital-based audiology clinics.
Today, this system is the leading software system for audiology clinics in public hospitals and interfaces client records, scheduling and audiological diagnostics with central medical record systems.Most hospital hearing clinics in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Great Britain now use AuditBase for storing all audiologic and hearing instrument data. In fact, in Great Britain alone, there are more than 150 AuditBase installations and in excess of 2,500 users.In 1999/2000, Auditdata went on to develop a similar system for use by hearing aid dispensers.Aimed exclusively at the German market, Mirage System was supported by a German subsidiary.In 2010, Auditdata entered a new chapter in its history with the acquisition of Real Ear A/S. The Primus Fitting System is an innovative audiometer and fitting system that includes everything needed within audiometry, real ear measurements, client counselling and hearing instrument testing In 2012, Auditdata developed a new cloud-based clinic management system called Strato. The innovative and unique system is powered by Microsoft Azure and has been specifically developed to build on and exceed the features in the Noah system from HIMSA. Strato offers a seamless integration with Noah, is extremely easy to use and to understand and it is affordable, as you only pay a low monthly fee.
In 2015, Auditdata made two strategic acquisitions; US-based Otovation and Swedish Entomed. Both companies produce fitting equipment.Today, Auditdata continues to develop and support total solutions in audiology.Behkaran started working with auditdata at 2015 by presenting Primus in IRAN.For more information about auditdata please visit: