About Ambu
Ambu's company philosophy has always been the desire to make life easier for doctors and to find innovative products that can save lives. Innovation and entrepreneurship are key for Ambu. Always have been. Always will be.
Ambu's history
In 1937, the engineer Holger Hesse founds Testa Laboratory, which is later to become Ambu. Hesse develop products that make a difference to patients and doctors.
Electrode business
In 2001, Ambu acquires Medicotest, the largest European manufacturer of electrodes. With the acquisition comes a large portfolio of quality electrodes called BlueSensor. And the first steps to gradually move Ambu’s production from Denmark to Malaysia and China are taken.
It’s also at this stage that Ambu begins to focus more on advancing single-use devices. The medical community and several markets are in demand for single-use devices, and the single-use aspect gradually becomes an integrated part of our strategy.