About us

Behkaran Team
Behkaran is a company that was established in Iran in 2003 to provide hearing matters to facilitate communications for people with hearing problems. Behkaran continued development step by step until now and expanded it’s activity field.
Behkaran started working with unitron hearing aids. in that time we tried to help people to receive high quality hearing aids and faciliatate their communications, after success of this purpose we found people who need bone conduction hearing aids because of high Air-bone gaps. Then we connected to BHM company to support their demands and present them Apollo, minicontact and spectacular bone conduction hearing aids.
During this period again we progressed and then we started working  with egger otoplastik company to supply our laboratory that had been founded. At laboratory we used egger materials for hearing aid custom ear molds.
Again we felt that it’s not enough. We must progress more. Because of this we started working with otodynamics to present screening instruments, difra for vestibular test devices, vivosonic Inc for electrophysiological assessments, auditdata for audiometric and REM instruments, tinnitool for tinnitus laser therapy and icell tech for hearing aid batteries.

Our basic mission at behkaran is in the field of rehabilitation, hearing and vestibular rehabilitation. We are a multidimensional team and do our best to reach prominent solutions that presented in the world for impair hearing and vestibular problems. In addition behkaran has an active educational department to support educational programs, including: seminars about new topics, workshops and educational meetings about new devices.Moreover BehkaranArseh is the distributor of some of the best companies in the field of hearing matters and vestibular assessment in IRAN.

These companies are:

  • Unitron hearing matter
  • Vivosonic Inc.
  • Difra
  • Auditdata
  • BHM
  • Otodynamic
  • Egger
  • Ambu
  • Icell tech
  • Tinnitool
  • Weaver

BehkaranArseh co. has a multipurpose laboratory  with experienced technicians  to present high quality hearing aid ear molds, (ITE) hearing aid shells, custom ear mold for industrial areas and swimming ear molds.

Our first purpose is to support all of the aspects of audiology by collecting and presenting the best brands of the world in that field. And we try to support our customers to keep them loyal.